Rebecca & Uche’s Inglewood Manor Wedding

It was a beautiful May morning, the sun was beaming through the tree tops and the flowers danced happily in the breeze. Hidden away amongst the tall trees and acres of luscious green gardens stands the beautiful Edwardian country home, Inglewood Manor.

Inside is where our love story began.

Laughter and cheerful chatter filled the room as the beautiful bride-to-be gets ready with her bridesmaids. Rebecca looked absolutely breathtaking. Her wedding dress was simple and elegant with the most beautiful detail around the waist. Across the hall, groom-to-be and the guys start getting ready in their suite. The room buzzed with a gentle excited atmosphere as they clinked their champagne flutes and Uche looked very dapper in his suite and bow tie.

I took a moment to sneak down to the reception room to photograph the tables. The room looked absolutely stunning. The tables were dressed with crisp, white linen and each table was named with the places that meant something special to the couple. The head table was New York, which is where Uche proposed to Rebecca (on one of the most iconic bridges in Central Park, I mean can that BE any more romantic?!) In the middle of each table stood a beautiful vase full of gorgeous flowers that matched the bride’s bouquet. Everything looked very elegantly-modern with a slight vintage touch here and there.

Their wedding ceremony took place outdoors on the terrace as the weather was perfect. The gorgeous character of the country home is the most perfect backdrop, with the white linen chairs, the hanging floral decor and tall lanterns lining the walkway in the foreground. Everything radiated with elegance and romantic vibes.

If I could describe the day in one word, i’d choose romantic. Rebecca and Uche were taking the traditional route and hadn’t seen each other since the Sunday evening, so that first look on their faces as they saw each other was a beautiful, true moment.  The speeches after their meal were incredibly moving, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place once Uche and best man Hilton had finished! They really are such a sweet couple and the love they have for each other truly is immeasurable.

“Listen when
all of this around us’ll fall over
I tell you what we’re gonna do
You will shelter me my love
and I will shelter you.”

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 Thank you so much Rebecca & Uche for trusting me & letting me be such a big part of your special day. I loved every moment of the day <3

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