Italy 2016

Italy is one heck of a beautiful country.

My best friend and her boyfriend (Helen & Stefano) moved to Valdagno las year and invited me and my boyfriend to stay for a few nights. Obviously we said OMG YES and 2 weeks later we were on our way.

We flew out to Marco Polo airport so we started our holiday straight away by exploring Venice. The first thing we did after arriving was find a cosy little cafe for some food and an Aperol Spritz. After that we stroll around all the tiny backstreets (it seemed a little off the beaten track but I liked it) before arriving at the infamous Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square). After strolling around looking at all the shops & restaurants we grabbed some gelato and just admired the beautiful scenery.

After a few hours we headed back to Helen & Stefano’s gorgeous apartment up in Valdagno. As this was our first evening and we were completely exhausted after our 3am start, Stefano made us some spaghetti & ragu (hands down the BEST spaghetti i’ve ever tried) and we just chilled with their gorgeous little kitten Spritz.

The next morning after breakfast we ventured into Vicenza for a few hours. I was completely blown away with how beautiful Vicenza is. One of the best things about visiting friends over a regular holiday is they can show you all the places you wouldn’t necessarily get to see as a holiday maker. Vicenza was quiet, peaceful and very pretty to explore. After stopping in a gorgeous little cafe for some amazing pasta & a Hugo Spritz (Nathan had a craft beer) we headed off to our next location…

Bassano del Grappa is my favourite place we got to visit. As you can guess, Bassano is also famous for inventing the spirit Grappa. Helen wanted to bring me there as the view from the The Ponte Vecchio (The old bridge) is breathtaking – and she wasn’t wrong! We stood there looking over the bridge for ages just taking in the stunning scenery. She also told us about a famous, unique drink called Mezzo e Mezzo that we had to try as it originates from there. So who are we to say no?! So we nipped into the oldest distillery on the Ponte Vecchio for a glass of mezzo. Later we had a little walk and just chilled on one of the balcony’s over looking the river for a while. <3

Wednesday saw us heading over to Verona for the day. Verona could’ve been like any other city, lots of shops – not like the boutique shops you saw at Venice but more like high street. The only thing that sets it aside for me was Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s balcony) that’s neatly tucked away down one of the streets. It was packed of course but the hopeless romantic inside me LOVED seeing the Balcony.

We finished off the day relaxing at the Aquardens Thermal Park near Verona, which is a collection of heated and normal spa pools. This was SO relaxing after such a busy day. Unfortunately I don’t have any photographs from Verona or here on my camera as I didn’t take it – Didn’t wanna leave my camera in the lockers! But I have attached a photo from Casa di Giulietta I took on my phone at the end.

Our last full day was Thursday so we thought we’d top up our tans by spending the day on the beach. That evening we wanted to finish our Italian adventures off in the most Italian way possible. Helen & Stefano booked us into a restaurant local to them called Trattoria la Giarrettiera. If you are ever in Valdagno, PLEASE go to this restaurant! From the moment you walk in you know you’re going to have the best experience. We got about 5 courses of home-cooked Italian cuisine, including a balsamic salad with sausage, a herby/creamy gnocchi and my favourite of all biogoli with duck. YUM. We also drank loads of Prosecco, naturally.

In all we had an amazing 4 days. Italy is one of the most beautiful places i’ve visited! Thank you Helen & Stefano for a wonderful Italian experience!


(^iPhone photo. Didn’t take my camera to Verona.)

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