Emily & Ste’s Thistle Haydock Wedding

There are so many reasons why I love photographing weddings, but one of my absolute favourite things to capture is emotion. And this wedding was bursting with emotion!

On a warm June weekend morning, tucked away off the M6 and not far from Haydock Racecourse stands a beautiful hotel called the Thistle. On this day, it was the host of Emily and Ste’s amazing wedding day.

In a suite just off one of the long hallways, Emily and all her lovely bridesmaids (and her pet dog Honey, of course) were busy getting ready. The room was filled with happiness and laughter as they got ready for the day. Emily’s beautiful wedding dress was hanging proud upon a hanger that was personalised by her dad – kept away from the eyes of her bridesmaids of course, as she didn’t want them to see the dress until she had it on.

Across the courtyard, I found Ste and his groomsmen also getting ready, all having a drink and some banter, trying to keep Ste’s nerves at bay – though i’m sure the couple of drinks they had helped more!

I don’t remember the last time I saw a groom as emotional as Ste – in fact, I did struggle at one point to keep it together myself! The look of love on his face when he saw Emily for the first time was amazing. It was such a real and honest moment, he was literally blown away by how stunning she looked in her wedding dress. And I think we can all agree, she really did look stunning.

From the ceremony onwards, everything was a happy and relaxed celebration of their love. They were surrounded by so much love and support from all their friends and relatives throughout the entire day.

Everything about the day was amazing. The room, the dress, the colours, the suits, the cake… everything was simply perfect. I also loved how the got to share their special day with their gorgeous little pup, Honey. After all she is a massive part of the family so it was only right to include her in the day! And i’m over the moon that they did, because she looks so CUTE in her bridesmaids dress!

Thank you so much Emily and Ste for letting me be such a massive part of your special day. I loved every single moment and would happily relive the day over and over if I could! You are such a fantastic couple and I wish you a lifetime of happiness as Mr and Mrs Connor <3

“How long will I love you?
As long as stars are above you.
And longer, if I can.”


This wedding has been featured on the wedding blog Brides Up North!

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