[UPDATE: 23.03.20]

Due to the current climate, more and more weddings are being shut down. I originally stated I was business as usual, but this is now out of my hands. I urge all couples to talk to your venues & officiants to postpone and rearrange your date immediately. A national lockdown could be around the corner.

We need to take action to protect the most vulnerable and stop the spread of Coronavirus. Please get in touch with me ASAP as we will need to discuss postponements! 

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POSTED: 17.03.2020

I truly hope all my couples are well in this rather strange time we find ourselves in. I know from speaking with you all (and since getting engaged) that planning a wedding can be stressful under normal circumstances, let alone with all the global uncertainty we are now faced with.

To relieve some of that potential stress, I wanted to provide some clarity in terms of your wedding photography booking and the coronavirus situation.

Firstly, my priority is to keep well and to shoot your wedding. I was excited about it when you booked me, and I am still excited about it now. Until instructed otherwise by the government, I am operating business as usual. 

However, I am taking appropriate measures to avoid infection. I am limiting all social contact by avoiding crowded places and unnecessary outings. I'm very fortunate that I’m self-employed and have the ability to socially distance myself at home. 

That being said I am aware that in the current circumstances that your wedding plans could change. For this reason I have been putting in several contingency plans, which I want to share with you.

If I become infected with Coronavirus:
I will follow the government guidelines by self-isolating and I will not be shooting your wedding. Your health, and the health of your guests, is of the utmost importance and I don't want to put anyone at risk of infection. To be prepared, I have already been seeking a back up photographer (of a similar style to me) to cover your wedding should this happen. In the event that this happens, I would inform you and arrange a virtual meeting for the back up photographer and yourselves, to go through the plans for your wedding. Your wedding would be photographed exactly as I would do so. I would then edit the photographs from the back up photographer and deliver your final images as normal. 

If I become infected with Coronavirus and I cannot find a back up photographer:
This is very unlikely, but it's important that you know what would happen in this event. It's my priority that you have your wedding captured, but in the unlikely event that does not happen then all of your money would be returned to you and the booking would be cancelled. I am fortunate enough to in a very large network of awesome wedding photographers and it has been amazing to see how everyone has been coming together to help each other in the last week of turmoil. 

If you decide to postpone your wedding:
Please let me know as soon as possible if you are thinking of doing this. In these current circumstances I am happy to move your wedding booking to your new wedding date on the condition that I am available. I really want to shoot your wedding - so please do check on my availability if you are considering this. Your balance fee would be split into two payments, the first payment being its original due date and the second payment being the 1st day of the month of your new wedding date.

If the government enforces cancellation of your wedding because of quarantine:
In this event I will contact you to ensure that we have an open dialogue. I completely understand that this would be very disappointing for both of you. Assuming that you both still want to get married once the quarantine is lifted, I will be happy to transfer your wedding photography booking to your new wedding date - provided that I am available. Please keep in regular contact with me so we can find a date that suits all of your wedding suppliers availability. 

How ‘Social Distancing’ will effect your wedding:

With the recent announcement regarding social distancing, there may be some changes in how group shots are done. Should your wedding go ahead, please keep in mind we may not be able to get large group shots at your wedding. This is to keep inline with the new social distancing regulations. Smaller group shots may still be possible but keep in mind this may change at any time.

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I hope this has been helpful for you. Please do get in contact if you have further questions:

Also, here are a few website sources that you can read over. Whether you're feeling anxious or concerned, I hope these can help settle your mind a little:

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This situation is scary and we can’t predict what will happen, but if we take some precautions we can prepare ourselves for the worst.

Take deep breaths. Be sure to check your agreements/contracts/policies, wash your hands frequently & check in on loved ones. 

this too shall pass