Ben’s ‘Muddy Hands’ Birthday Party

In a world full of advancing technology, entertaining children has become very dependent on digital items. It’s so easy these days to organise a simple indoor party with lots of gadgets to keep children entertained. It was an absolute breath of fresh air when Jenna got in touch to invite me to capture her son’s outdoor birthday party.

Muddy Hands is part of the Forest School initiative, encouraging young children to learn whilst playing in a safe woodland environment. They offer a range of parties that take place in a safe, secure area, where the children can run around, play in the mud, build dens, learn about wildlife and basically enjoy the wonders of outdoor play in the forest.

The day was just so brilliant. Between playing in the mud kitchen, looking for insects and climbing trees, Ben and his friends got to build a giant den out of branches, learned how to safely build a fire and to top it all off got to go on a really fun muddy walk, which lead them to a giant mud slide. It was amazing, just seeing the young children enjoy being themselves and playing, not worrying about getting muddy (the muddier you were, the better!) and then watching them conquer their fears by using the messy mud slide at the end was purely fantastic… even the adults enjoyed getting stuck in – literally.

Thank you so much Jenna for inviting me to such a wonderful party. Your son Ben is such a wonderful, outgoing child and it was an absolute pleasure being part of his big day. It was so refreshing to see children enjoy the outdoor space and see them learn at the same time.


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